Glossary of terms

This glossary is designed to help you to become a more effective cook.


Pronounced DEE-GLAY-Z
The process of scraping of all of the browned food bits that collect at the bottom of a skillet or frying pan from cooking. By adding water, wine of stock this forms the foundation of some great sauces.

Demi-glace/ demi-glaze:
Pronounced: DEHM-EE-GLAHS
Demi-glace is derived from the French word meaning ‘half-frozen’ or ‘half-glaze’. In cooking it is the reduction of meat stock, Madera wine or Sherry and other ingredients to form a rich red-brown sauce.

Pronounced SO-TAY / SAW-TAY. The word is derived from the French word “sauter” which means “to jump”.

To sauté is to cook or brown the food quickly in a hot pan with a small amount of oil or butter. The food is cooked vigorously tossed or stirred to ensure even cooking, preventing the food from burning.

A skillet is another name for a frying pan

Pronounced SHAL-UHT
A shallot is a type of reddish-brown onion that when sautéed or cooked adds flavor to many dishes. While onions grow as a single bulb, shallots grow in groups or clusters like garlic and produce a slightly sweeter taste.

round shallots
pointed shallots
rounded shallots

In some countries green spring onions are sometimes marketed as shallots.