Chicken with Marsala

The chicken pieces are cooked in a tomato Marsala sauce in an oven for 1 hour. No mushrooms are used in this very simple recipe.

3 lb of chicken pieces
1 oz of butter
15 oz can of tomato juice
1 ½ tablespoons of cornflour
¼  cup of marsala
½ cup of water
1 dessertspoon of Worcestershire sauce
Add salt and pepper to taste

Place the chicken pieces in a single layer, skin side up, into a large ovenproof dish.
Brush the chicken pieces with melted butter.
Blend the cornflour and tomato juice together, adding the Marsala wine and the remaining ingredients and mixing well. Pour this sauce over the chicken

Bake uncovered in a moderate oven for one hour or until the chicken is tender. Spoon the sauce over the chicken frequently during cooking.

Serves 4








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