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Marsala wine sauce has its own distinctive complex aroma that tantalises the taste buds and sends the olfactory senses into a spin.

Chicken marsala is a famous Italian recipe. The key ingredient which gives chicken marsala its distinctive sweet flavour and aroma is Marsala wine.

Chicken breasts, without skin or bones, are pounded flat to a uniform thickness. The chicken is then lightly coated with flour and quickly browned in a mixture of butter and or olive oil then removed from the pan. The oil and juices are used to sauté the mushrooms and the shallots. Marsala sauce is made from water, chicken stock, marsala wine and spices which are reduced over heat with the mushrooms and shallots. The chicken is cooked in the marsala sauce.

There are many cooking variations resulting in numerous excellent chicken marsala recipes.



Marsala wine


Marsala wine is available as a dry or sweet wine and is used extensively in Italian cooking.

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